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Image by Carl Schlabach
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For decades Scenic Ohio has led the creation of sustainable landscape practices for the Ohio Department of Transpiration and the general public. Our sustainable practices and education programs are available on our website and may be available through the Ohio Department of Transportation. 

All of our educational videos and content can be found on our YouTube.

Ohio First Lady Speaker Series

The Ohio First Ladies have the honor of traveling all over the great state of Ohio. Many have done work with the Ohio Heritage Garden at the Governor's residence and with countless other philanthropic efforts around the state. Hear their stories and understand why they love Ohio and its scenic areas.

Hope Taft

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Scenic Beginnings in Ohio


Little Miami River & Conservation


Enjoying Nature in a Pandemic

Educational Speaker Series
ODOT Seminars

Scenic Ohio ODOT Seminars

Scenic Ohio is presenting a series of workshops in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Transportation.  The workshops are held at ODOT District offices and are conducted by members of Scenic Ohio board.


The goal of these workshops is to offer assistance from Scenic Ohio to ODOT staff in planning and vegetative maintenance of highway projects that incorporate best practices for the protection of environmental and scenic resources

Session 1 Plants for Ohios Highways.jpg

Session 1 Plants for Ohio's Highways


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Session 2 Restoring Woodland to Urban En

Session 2 Restoring Woodland to Urban Environment

Session 3 Storm Water Management.jpg

Session 3 Storm Water Management

Tree Planting and Easements with Restric

Session 4 Tree Planting and Easements with Restrictions

Session 5 Partnerships in Transportation

Session 5 Partnerships in Transportation Systems

Session 6 Killer Trees, Invasive Species

Session 6 Killer Trees, Invasive Species, Poison Plants

Session 7 Living Sound Walls_edited.jpg

Session 7 Living Sound Walls

Session 9 LED A Better Solution_edited.j

Session 8 LED A Better Solution

Session 8 Q&A Session_edited.jpg

Session 9 Q&A Session

Ohio Humanities Audio Driving Tours was created by Ohio Humanities with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Through grants and public humanities programs, Ohio Humanities helps Ohioans interpret the past, imagine the future, and create vibrant communities. See Ohio First currently has 15 uniquely curated driving tours that provide audio guides for a specific route, allowing you to deeply explore the stories of Ohio culture and heritage.

All Audio Driving Tours

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driving tour 1.JPG
driving tour 2.JPG
driving tour 3.JPG
driving tour 4.JPG

Natural Ohio: Lake and Woods

Defending a Young Nation: The War of 1812

Zane’s Trace: A Road into the Wilderness

Minerals, Mining, and Reclamation

driving tour 5.JPG
driving tour 6.JPG
driving tour 7.JPG
driving tour 8.JPG

Industrial Ohio: Steel and Rubber

Bicycles, Bi-Planes, and Moon Landings: Ohio's Aviation History

A City of Neighborhoods: Ethnic Enclaves in Cleveland

Land of the Cross-Tipped Churches

driving tour 9.JPG
driving tour 10.JPG
driving tour 11.JPG
driving tour 12.JPG

Where North Meets South

Garden of Ohio: Archbold Quilt Barn Tour

Art & Utility: Ohio Glass and Pottery

Paths to Freedom: The Underground Railroad in Ohio

driving tour 13.JPG
driving tour 14.JPG

A Clothesline of Quilts: The Adams County Quilt Barn Trail - Northern Route

driving tour 15.JPG

A Clothesline of Quilts: The Adams County Quilt Barn Trail - Southern Loop

Audio Driving Tours
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