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Travel Ohio

Image by Carl Schlabach
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Travel Ohio

Ohio Scenic Byways

Scenic Ohio is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the visual quality and scenic character of Ohio’s towns and countrysides. Scenic Ohio is the longest standing not-for-profit in America that advocates for keeping our highway corridors beautiful and safe. One of the longest standing and most notable highlights within Ohio are the Ohio Scenic Byways program. This program recognizes highway corridors that have met and upheld the standards of the Ohio Scenic Byway Criteria.

In 1991, the U.S. Department of Transportation established the National Scenic Byways program and encouraged each state to develop a state scenic byway program. In 1994, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) established the Ohio Byway program, which replaced the Scenic Highways Program established by ODOT in 1962.

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Ohio Scenic Trailways

Along with Scenic Byways, which highlight some of Ohio's Scenic driveble scenic paths, there are a number of historic and natural trails all around our great state. These trails offer a way to view the beautiful scenes of Ohio on foot and truly allow oneself to be immersed in the natural beauty of Ohio.

Ohio Scenic Trailways

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The Lake Erie Birding Trail is divided into seven loops. Tremendous numbers and diversity of birds flock to this area with over 400 species being seen.


The Ancient Ohio Trail is a comprehensive guide to Ohio’s mound and earthwork sites. The trail features four main earthworks sites: Fort Ancient, Mound City, Serpent Mound and Newark Earthworks

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The River-to-Lake Freedom Trail was created in Ohio to memorialize one of the most frequently used corridors of the Underground Railroad. Brass markers were placed in locations of significant local importance along the trail.


The Ohio Quilt Trail is "ground zero" for the barn quilt movement. Starting in 2001 with the Adams County Quilt Sampler, the trail has grown to include over a dozen counties.


Ohio bike trails represent a vision that includes: bicycle advocacy for bike-friendly communities, recreational and commuting opportunities and trail networks, preservation of greenspace, eco-friendly and energy efficient transportation and healthy living.

Scenic Ohio Photos

The goal of Scenic Ohio is to preserve and enhance the scenic character of Ohio’s communities and countryside.  The photos below showcase and celebrate Ohio's incredible natural beauty and character. 

Ohio Scenic Trailways

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Scenic Ohio is a resource for people all over our beautiful state to explore and learn about the many scenic aspects and areas of Ohio. While Scenic Ohio already offers so much amazing content, we are always improving and striving to be better. That is why we want to hear from you.


Who would know Ohio better than its own people. We want you to share some of your favorite places and scenes from around the state. Send pictures or recommendations and have a chance to have your photos showcased on our site. 

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